Gratitude to You

I know that gratitude was yesterday’s tip, but I feel it’s the one I need to practice today.  I am thankful to each of you for pursuing this journey with us, and hopefully continuing on.  Ann and I have gained from your comments and participation, and perhaps without knowing it, you have deepened our commitment to LIVING Self-Care for ourselves and our loved ones.

It’s been humbling to see that although we KNOW how important it is to practice daily, we stumbled and regained our footing several times.  And honestly, that’s how life is.  “We fall and get up, fall and get up, fall and get up again.”  Thanks to all of you for being there when we fell with your comments and experiences which inspired us to pick ourselves up, dust ourselves off, and carry on.

Please stay with us as we make LIVING Self-Care a reality in your lives and ours.  Together, we can support and encourage each other, one moment, one day at a time.

Thanks again.  Warmly, Diane and Ann

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