The Shape of LIVING Self-Care to Come

Though the initial 21 day self-care challenge has wrapped up, LIVING self-care is regrouping to inspire you to carry on. Here’s the blueprint:

  • Each Monday, we’ll review a daily tip and discuss ways for you to apply it through the week, day by day.
  • Each Wednesday, we’ll inspire you with words from a  “Challenge Champion,” acquainting you with some of the resources who offer incredible support and information for real women like you.
  • Each Friday, we’ll strive to make you laugh, reinforcing humor as a cornerstone of wellness.
  • Each weekend, we’ll take time off, while we practice self-care ourselves!
  • In between, we’d love to hear from you, with a goal of sharing your successes and dilemmas.

Bit by bit, fifteen minutes at a time, you can build a lasting habit of self-care. To request a PDF of ALL the tips in this first challenge, email ann{at}

Real woman Allison

Be inspired by these testimonials from real women on some of the Challenge Champion sites:

  • Thanks for this challenge!  I sure did learn alot… and now have better ways to cope with the day-to-day.
  • Done.  Great challenge!  I learned a lot, and I WILL remember to take care of myself, too.  🙂
  • Thank you for this challenge! I am going to try to keep myself near the top of my priority list.
  • If only for a moment at a time self care forced me to think of myself in a positive way. Thank You for caring.
  • Thanks–this was fun!
  • Thanks for the inspiration!
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