Holiday Inspiration from St.Louis Kids Magazine

“Set realistic expectations.” So easy to say, so hard to do! Especially at the holidays, when our day-to-day lifestyle is condensed to its essence by the stresses and time constraints of this busy season.

If we tend to bite off more than we can chew throughout the rest of the year, we may set our sights on a “perfect” holiday with 12 dozen different home-baked cookies, the best light display on the block, perfect gifts for the kids, and a holiday party that outshines them all.

It makes me tired just typing it.

One of the things I love about the St. Louis Kids Magazine blog, SmartParenting, is that our bloggers are honest about their pursuit of perfection – and the limitations that get in the way. We may not have the perfect body for those sexy jeans. The unkindness of strangers may sting our pride at a fast-food restaurant. We may entertain our kids in front of the TV more than we should, or let them skip homework when we can’t deal with the inevitable fight. We’re human.

Real woman Amy of St. Louis Kids Magazine

Our team is also quick to give credit to those who go beyond “realistic expectations.” The parents who adopt four siblings. The divorced mom who starts her own business. The teacher who recognizes a child’s greatness.

Reading about those transcendent folks gives us hope that one day we too may rise above our “realistic expectations.” But meanwhile, we’re in good company if we only bake (or buy!) one kind of cookies.
-Thanks to Amy De La Hunt, St.Louis Kids Magazine , today’s contributor!

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  1. The above post was written by Amy De La Hunt of St Louis Kids Magazine. Amy was also a featured contributer in our self-care challenge. Thank you Amy, and thanks to Julia Bollman, Editor and Publisher of St.Louis Kids for all you do for St.Louis families. To learn more about the magazine and their wonderful blog, SmartParenting, go to Warmly, Diane

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