January:The Journey of Self-Care Begins

This month we’ve talked about how to make self-care changes which will stick, and how to appreciate the blessings of everyday life which is self-care in practice. While we’ve heard these ideas before, it’s “doing” them that’s challenging.

To summarize what we’ve said about making self-care part of  our daily routine:

  1.  Set small attainable goals, like 15 minutes a day.
  2.  Break the change into smaller steps.
  3.  Make it part of what’s already in the schedule.  Mommie Kate had some great advice on this.
  4.  Intend/visualize what we want to happen.
  5.  Don’t become self-critical of missteps.  Learn from the experience and try again.
  6.  Have a positive attitude about self-care.  Remember it’s a choice.
  7. Self-care and self-love gives us the energy to love others.  As Laura Nash said, “You can’t give what you don’t possess.”  

Now, for the big picture.  Self-care is not just a set of skills we practice, it’s an attitude for how we view and approach our lives.  With all life’s ups and downs, even in a single 24 hours, there’s much to be appreciated.  Often it’s in the small things-sunshine, our children’s smiles, flowers budding in spring or a kind word.  When we put our attention on life’s abundance, we feel loved and cared for. 

Buddha said, “If we could see the miracle of a single flower, our whole life would change.”  Embrace this year with wonder and positive intention.  Be grateful for all that is and all that is yet to be.  Self-care is a path to health, happiness and awakening the soul.  Let’s journey well together.

2 thoughts on “January:The Journey of Self-Care Begins

  1. These wonderful and nurturing reflections remind me of a book by Jon Kabat Zinn that I’ve been enjoying titled Everyday Blessings. Its a very supportive and reaffirming reflection on the potential to exist, without tension or conflict, in the little moments that we experience as parents. Thereby shedding a different light on them while also helping ourselves achieve a different (and more positive) relationship with our children. Its really wonderful and just another little gift out there that can nurture us.

  2. Thanks for the recommendation. I hope to study with Jon Kabat Zinn this summer. He’s a wonderful source of calm and inspiration. Glad to hear it’s been nourishing for you and certainly could help the rest of us. Warmly, Diane

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