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Here’s another comment we wanted to share from the Self-Care Contest/Challenge. 

“Sometimes moms prioritize their kids’ needs too much and don’t focus enough on self-care. I’ve been guilty of doing that, but I’ve also learned that taking time for my kids, and the little things each day that are important enough to them that they want me to pay attention, also equals self-care. *I* get so much out of the bursts of undivided attention I give them…they teach me, they make me laugh, I just enjoy them so much that it lifts me up to lift them up and see how that little bit of attention fans the flames of their own self-love and self-confidence. I think too often we moms get caught up in all the “musts” of parenting and forget to really, truly enjoy our kids. That’s been such an important lesson for me. They feed on my love for them, I feed on their love for me, and we’re all so much happier and healthier as a result.

My 9-year-old daughter wrote a very sweet poem for me for Mother’s Day. My favorite line is this one: “The way you look at me, it’s so special…it makes me feel so loved.” WOW! If I’m succeeding at that, and nothing else in life, I’m going to consider mine a life well-lived. So for me, for now, in this moment, my kids are definitely my bliss.” :-D

Today’s author is Angela.

Contest winners will be announced Friday.  Thanks for your patience.

3 thoughts on “Follow Your Bliss

  1. Of course, today my 5-year-old wouldn’t listen to a word I said, and also decided to hit me when I firmly reminded him that he needed to listen and follow directions. Nothing (and nobody) in life is perfect! LOL! (He’s still part of my bliss, though, along with his sister.)

  2. Nothing is ever perfect in momworld. I used to love to watch my children sleep because they looked so angelic in spite of what the day had been like. I’ve always said that motherhood is the most wonderful, awful, rewarding, frustrating, exhilarating and challenge experience I’ve known. What do those of you who are moms think about this?

  3. I think we need to steal the army’s slogan.

    Mothering: The toughest job you’ll ever love. 🙂

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