Living Self-Care: Let’s Succeed Together

Back in January after our first self-care challenge/contest, Mollee Bauer of called for a self-care revolution. While we agree wholeheartedly, it’s become clear (again) that as women this is a hard change to make.  Likewise, it’s not something that can be achieved in a week or two or done without serious effort and commitment. In our quick-fix culture, it seems that we’d often rather be entertained or distracted than dealing with our emotional health.

At Living Self-Care, we want to have fun but we also want to provide  meaningful content which will help you create an emotionally healthy life filled with joy and personal satisfaction/success . But we need your input. Please let us know what you’d like to hear about and how we can present the info in a way which is most helpful. This is your site too and your thoughts/comments are valued.

Starting today, we’ll be posting twice a week. Monday will still be thoughts for the week. Instead of Wednesday, Thursday will become “Words of Wisdom” from books we’ve read, teachers we follow, other women’s groups, and hopefully, a place for your contributions. Women’s circles are powerful because of their shared wisdom and strength and with almost 300 of us, imagine the possibilities.

Finally, we’re looking for a new subtitle for Life Will Never Be the Same: The Real Mom’s Postpartum Survival Guide. We’ve been told it’s too heavy. Our book’s about moms taking care of themselves so they can be the mom they want to. Any thoughts? Let us know. See you Thursday.

2 thoughts on “Living Self-Care: Let’s Succeed Together

  1. Something along the lines of “what Mom takes care of herself, everyone gets taken care of” maybe? Not those exact words, but something that states or implies that. Will have to think further about the other ideas, although the one thing that immediately comes to mind for me is taking a small amount of time daily to focus on a goal or hobby that is meaningful, not specifically falling in the category of self-care, but knowing that making time for those things does nurture us.

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