It’s Summertime-Don’t Forget Yourself

It’s summertime when many of our schedules are crammed with kid and family activities. Several months ago, Susan Wenner-Jackson, co-founder of Working Moms Against Guilt wrote a great post about rediscovering herself after having children. We decided to rerun it so you don’t forget yourself during this busy season.

“As a mom, my only times alone with my thoughts have been 10 minutes in the shower or commuting to work. And guess what I was thinking? “Man, this shower feels good” or “I really hate this $#&@ing traffic.” Deep stuff.

Perhaps because my almost-5-year-old is more independent and my 19-month-old is no longer a baby, I’m now emerging from the mom-cocoon. It also helps that I work for myself, from home, with child care. As I poke my head (antennae?) out, I’m looking around saying, “What about me? What do I want?”

I’m allowing myself to move up my priority list. How do I want to spend my time? What do I want to experience or accomplish? It’s exciting to ponder these questions. I’m still a mom, with all the responsibilities and joys that come with it. But I’m also a person — who’s enjoying getting reacquainted with herself again.”

It doesn’t take long to reconnect with yourself. Spend 15-20 minutes each day doing something you enjoy whether it’s sipping coffee, sitting in a comfy chair daydreaming or painting your nails. Keep your thoughts on yourself and what you’re doing. Don’t let the summer pass by without making me-time. Have a great one.

4 thoughts on “It’s Summertime-Don’t Forget Yourself

  1. Great reminder for these summer months..thanks! I was just lamenting to a friend the other day about my love/hate relationship w/summer. I love the extra time spent w/the kiddos and the lazy days, but miss the “me-time” I’m ensured when they are at school/early to bed. So, it’s more important than ever to “schedule” my time. Here’s another good summer post:

  2. Thanks Sara. Many moms feel the way you do-mixed! I know when my children were younger I loved not being on a schedule but the days could be very long. Any tips you’d like to add about how your personally “schedule” me time?

  3. I’m in that same “mixed” boat! I get me time by staying up a little after the kids are asleep, but that hasn’t been ideal, as it often means I don’t end up getting enough sleep and am tired and lacking in energy (and patience!) the next day. Still tweaking to find a better solution!

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