No One Feels Good All the Time

Even when you practice self-care daily, you won’t always feel good especially if you’re going through a major life change.  Times in women’s lives when significant physical, mental, emotional and situational changes collide include becoming a mom, adolescence, leaving home, getting married, getting divorced, losing a parent, perimenopause and menopause.

Here are the range of postpartum emotions women report, “I am so irritable. I am full of awe. I cry all the time. I can’t sleep. I am so in love. I can’t get going. I can’t think straight. I feel so worried. I am so bored. I can’t feel anything. I have scary thoughts. I am ecstatic. I grieve for my old life. I feel like a failure. I feel so alone. I feel so nervous. I feel I’ve made a huge mistake.”

Doesn’t this sound like how you feel when experiencing a life-changing event whether motherhood-related or not? Last week we wrote about letting go of our “Motherhood is Bliss” myth. Likewise when you go through a major life change, it’s impossible to feel good all the time. Because we are spiritual beings having a human existence, we are going to experience emotional ups and downs in response to what’s happening.

So next time you’re feeling bad when a major life shift occurs, take a deep breath and remind yourself it’s normal. Just another part of life.

However, if bad feelings persist, call your health provider to rule out a significant physical  or emotional health condition, e.g.diabetes, depression.

One thought on “No One Feels Good All the Time

  1. I remember that during my recovery from PPD/PPA, when I would have a bad day, it took everything I had to not freak out and think “I’m going right back there!” It’s not like I haven’t had a depressed period since, but it’s never taken me back to the blackest days. Thank God!

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