Living Self-Care Goes Global

Yesterday we got our first global subscriber from London. England has historically been a leader in providing humane treatment to women with postpartum depression/psychosis. Today, a clerk asked about our e-mail, “realmomexperts,” which led to a conversation about how she had stayed home with their children and her husband wondered why she was so tired. Now that their roles are reversed, he can’t understand how she got so much done.

Even moms-to-be are interested. Just this week an excerpt from our book on “Obstacles to Self-Care” was featured in The Expectant Mother’s Guide- Lack of self-care is a global epidemic among women of all ages, life stages, roles and vocations.

Here’s an exercise to reinforce the necessity of self-care:

Find a quiet place. Close your eyes. Practice breathing deeply, so slow that your abdomen rises and falls. For two minutes, repeat to yourself  with each exhaled breath: “Taking care of me benefits everyone around me.”

When you take care of yourself, are you filling your pitcher, building  your bank account, or recharging your batteries? Pick the metaphor that works  best for you. Picture that image in your head while you repeat the phrase.

Each time thoughts weasel into your head, chastising you that something  else is more important than taking time for you, take a deep breath and  practice this exercise. This may seem silly or strange at first. You may doubt  how this can work. Just try it for a few days before you judge its value.