3 Weeks Until Fall Self-Care Contest/Challenge: Let’s Get This Party Started

In the midwest where I live, there are definite signs that fall is upon us. Leaves are turning and days are growing shorter. Summer vacation is over, children are back in school and the air is buzzing with activity. Fall also signals impending holiday madness with too little time to get things done.

Which is why self-care is so important now and the reason we chose Mental Health Week (October 2-8) for our bi-annual self-care challenge/contest. We want to remind you to conserve some your energy now, like squirrels gathering acorns, to have enough for what’s ahead. Most of the tips in our contest/challenge take only 10-15 minutes but the resulting good feelings last much longer.

Last week, I spoke to Darline Turner of MamasOnBedrest about how moms/women can take better care of themselves whatever circumstances they find themselves in. Check out our podcast by clicking here. Darline is a champion for women’s health and said that she learned firsthand, like many of us, about the importance of self-care after becoming a mom.

Prior to the normal post-birth upheaval, her pregnancy journey was very stressful, which puts women even more at risk for postpartum issues. However, whether momss or not, women still have twice the depression men experience. For women,  self-care cannot be ignored.

Join us for our contest/challenge, 10/2-8. We’ll have more prizes, free downloads, and great advice. Meanwhile we still have Godiva Chocolates to give away. Find 5 friends to subscribe to our blog, livingselfcare, and you could be this week’s winner!

4 thoughts on “3 Weeks Until Fall Self-Care Contest/Challenge: Let’s Get This Party Started

  1. I have recently come in contact with a couple of clients that are exhibiting PTSD symptoms from their birth experiences. It breaks my heart. One thing I tell pregnant moms is to NOT make a birth plan. It sucks to be relying heavily on a birth plan and then have it taken right out of your hands by an emergency C-Section, etc.

  2. Birth plans may be helpful as an “idea” of what you’d like to have happen, but I always encourage moms to be open-minded so that whatever happens it can be a positive experience rather than a disappointment.

  3. My birth plan went out the window when I was told I had to be put on Magnesium and ended up with an emergency C-section 2 days later. I was devastated and had PPD for 8 months. My new birth plan for our next baby has one simple rule. No one is to tell us what sex the baby is. I want to see for myself or have my husband tell me. That is about the only thing that can be controlled during delivery so we plan on telling the whole staff of our wish.

  4. How wise of you to decide this. I may suggest it to other moms who already know their births can’t be as they ideally imagined. I knew in advance that I had to be induced for my second daughter and this didn’t stop me from having a wonderful experience and the amazement of seeing her.

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