Women’s Roles as Broadcasters for Self-Care Awareness

Last week Pregnancy.org wrote a blog post about GiulianaRancic and her new battle with breast cancer. Giuliana’s a great example of how you can start with one situation (IVF treatments) and end up discovering you have a new condition (breast cancer). She found this out because she practices self-care. Since October is Breast Cancer Awareness month, I feel this is an appropriate connection into Diane’s post about, “It takes a Village…”  to make self-care happen!

We have a sacred duty to ourselves to get the word out, to support each other, to make sure our friends, families, and loved ones take care of themselves. We must take the time to participate in and spread the wordabout self-care. We need our women friends onboard the “self-care train.” Guiliana went on the Today Show to spread her message of the importance of self-care. While she can get the word out a lot faster as a celebrity, you don’t need to have celebrity status to get the word out. All you need to have is the desire to care.

November will be “Self-Care Month,” complete with a contest and challenge. When the days are dark and dreary, you don’t have to be! Self-care will guide you! Wishing all of you a wonderful holiday season coming up!

Today’s author is Mollee Bauer, founder of Pregnancy.org which gives moms the tools they need to empower themselves and advice on how to take care of themselves to help them conquer their challenges and overcome self-care obstacles.

One thought on “Women’s Roles as Broadcasters for Self-Care Awareness

  1. It’s always nice to see a woman – celebrity or not – actually speaking out about self-care and supporting each other. Too many of us are of the “versus” mentality – work vs. home; breast vs. bottle. Why can’t we just support one another no matter what?

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