Beat Holiday Stress-Join the Challenge!

Before holiday stress overwhelms you, join our online self-care contest/challenge Nov.14-18. But wait you say, that’s still a week away. To begin flexing your self-care muscle, we’re offering tips starting today on how to replace holiday stress with inner peace and happiness. Follow us at  and for stress-busting advice.

Likewise our self-care challenge champions have pitched in to get this party started. Take a listen to @mamasonbedrest interview with me about livingselfcare. Visit for their new look and updated info on motherhood and health. Visit for support on “putting mommy guilt in its place.” Who couldn’t use some of that?

For moms struggling with postpartum emotional health challenges, we’ve got you covered too! Check out Postpartum Support International’s extensive website Visit Katherine Stone’s amazing and sign up for Daily Hope to lift your spirits. Listen to #ppdchat Mondays at 1pm EST and 8:30pm EST with Lauren Hale of mypostpartumvoice. You’ll be glad you did.

Here’s the contest part for this week. Visit any of the sites mentioned above, leave us a comment at and you’ll be entered in a drawing for a self-care treat. Nov.14-18 each self-care challenge champion will contribute a prize to a random drawing the end of the week. More info on that later.

So, flex your self-care muscle and get on board. Spread the news about the challenge to other women you know and love to help them feel better and beat holiday stress. Start today!

4 thoughts on “Beat Holiday Stress-Join the Challenge!

  1. Thanks, ladies, for doing this!! I think this can be the WORST time of the year for a lot of us, trying to make everything “perfect” and trying so hard to please everyone. Let’s make this year OUR year!! Stress-free!!

  2. Hi Felicia. Great to hear you visited Postpartum progress. Katherine provides great ideas and much needed support. You’re in on tlhe drawing for the self-care treat. Hope you’ll join us this week Nov.14-18 for our self-care contest/challenge.

  3. I am often on Postpartum Progress and rarely does a day go by that I don’t talk to Lauren or another mom via #ppdchat. I found the group about 6 months into my journey with ppd/ppa. What an amazing group of women.

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