When the Fast-Forward Button Strikes

Women lead very full lives these days. Whether you’re a stay at home parent, have a career, or even your own business, we stay busy. Sometimes, we let ourselves get too busy. It’s like someone has hit a fast forward button and suddenly we are sprinting instead of meandering along life’s highway.

This past week has been a fast forward week for me. In addition to preparing for this week’s Living Self-Care Challenge, I had the amazing opportunity to attend a recent national political event. I dove in, but this meant preparing for the event, driving 5 hours on Saturday, attending the event, sleeping for 4 hours Sunday morning, then driving home on Sunday. By the time I arrived home, all I wanted to do was sleep. But I couldn’t because there were things  to wrap up for this challenge.

Now that we’ve launched and it’s the day after #PPDChat, I plan on taking it a little easier. Sure, there are still things to do, but I’m slowing down the pace. Yesterday I hosted #PPDChat at 1:00pm ET from the back deck. Working, but in a beautiful balmy location as fall leaves fluttered to the ground.

Self-care does not have to be a huge pause. It doesn’t have to be a big chunk out of your day. It can be your favourite coffee, drink, flower, setting, music, store, or lunch with a favourite person. Self-care relieves stress, allows you to breathe, infuses your life with personality and a remembrance of self. Take the time today to do just ONE thing for you, regardless of your busy schedule. Then brag about it here. We can’t wait to hear how you care for yourself today!

Lauren Hale is founder of #PPDChat and leader of the PPDArmy on Twitter. She also blogs at: http://www.mypostpartumvoice.com. Lauren is a two time survivor of Postpartum OCD and a one time survivor of Ante-natal depression. She’s learned how to hit the pause button and does so often.

11 thoughts on “When the Fast-Forward Button Strikes

  1. I took the time to make myself a delicious homemade Cinnamon Latte this morning. Double espresso made with fresh ground coffee, boiled 1.5 cups of milk combined with 2 tablespoons of sugar, a splash of vanilla, and a whole cinnamon stick. It really IS the little things.

  2. When I only have a few minutes a great cup of coffee is the ticket. When I really want to treat myself i indulge in “a chick flick”. The boys and my husband scatter and I am happy with a little laughter and romance

  3. After having a baby, I realized I was too busy. I had to limit my commitments in order to keep my sanity. I have a horrid 50 minute commute to my job, but I try to make the best out of it. If I need to sing, I sing my heart out. If I need to laugh, I turn on talk radio. I make my phone dates with friends (as half of my commute, I’m stuck in traffic). Also, to help keep sane, I have begun to read for fun, and in addition, I will go to bed a half an hour early, if I feel extra stressed.

  4. I just needed to take some quiet time for myself today. Nothing big, just a few minutes on the couch, with the TV, music and computer off. Not accomplishing anything, not asking for anything from anyone. Just me.

  5. Today, I had my haircut…it’s been a while, since I can’t afford it as often as I was used to when I was working. It was a lovely treat and made me feel good.

  6. I know its not much, but I bought a beautiful skein of yarn and am sipping on some hot cider- thankful for these brief moments of peace- but wouldn’t trade the chaos of my three year old and loving hubby for anything!!!

  7. I love to take a half an hour before bed to read a book and unwind! To me there is nothing more relaxing than falling into the world of characters a book has!

  8. I watched an episode of one of my favorite shows while I played Legos on the floor with Jax–usually we’d have had one of his shows on, so this was a big treat for me! And then I bought & read a new book before bed. It was nice!

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