Let’s See How Far Our Gratitude Can Spread

It’s the final day of our self-care challenge and hopefully you’re less stresed and feeling better from this week’s gratitude activities. Now, it’s time to spread the cheer. Remember when you used to play telephone and whisper messages in your friends’ ears passing them from one to the next. At the end, you’d laugh over how the message changed and start again.

Today’s challenge is to send gratitude to others in whatever way works for you. Choose someone you want to express thanks to for what they’ve done, who they are or what they mean to you. It can be someone you’re close to or someone you may have fallen out of touch with. Let your heart and soul decide. You won’t be misled.

Then message that person via e-mail or Facebook, text them, make a call or send a note. Once they receive your message, ask them to choose someone to express their gratitude towards and contact them. The goal is to connect as many people as possible with thankfulness and appreciation, keeping the true spirit of the season alive. Let’s see how many cities, states, and countries we can reach and how far our message can spread.

At livingselfcare, we want to thank each of you for joining us this past week and sharing your posts and comments, and to each of the challenge champions for their participation and generosity. Let us always remember what we’re thankful for during the holidays and each day of our lives.

2 thoughts on “Let’s See How Far Our Gratitude Can Spread

  1. LOVE IT!! I’m going to start with the Cayman Islands! And Diane and Ann – I am very thankful that our paths crossed. I feel like we are kindred spirits and I am thrilled to see what the future brings!

  2. What a great idea! I decided to take Diane’s suggestion of gratitude and share it with more than one person, so I am sharing a round of gratitude today via our newsletter list and Facebook to all of the people that sustain our organization and help moms struggling with emotional challenges of motherhood. I am especially grateful to Diane Sanford for all the mentoring and support she has given to me and Mother to Mother for many years.

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