Holiday Survival in the Suburbs-Part 1

I love holiday traditions and making things fun and bright. I don’t love stress though or being overwhelmed. Hmm…you may wonder, how does that work?

As I thought about this year’s holiday madness, I wanted to list the things that help me stay calm when I get stressed (and I do!) If there’s so much stress involved, is it any fun….and more to the point worth it?!

First, remember people would rather be invited to a messy house with delivery pizza than not invited. Recently my friend Mimi called at the last minute, “Having people over, want to come?” Four families showed up for a pot-luck supper while we watched the Cardinals win game seven. Yes!

 Second, have the attitude,  “Let’s make this a party!”

Then combine friends, good food (a recipe I’ve been wanting to try), a party attitude and…the space to play. For kids that means either outside or in a basement. I can’t remember a time when the kids have been unhappy with this.

Being spontaneous can also work in your favor. Recently we were at friends and the hostess said, “I just got these Midnight Special videos, do you want to watch?” We were skeptical, but said yes. It turned out to be one of the most entertaining evenings we’ve had singing along to favorites from the ‘70’s and ‘80’s and sharing stories about our lives then. Totally fun.

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