Self-Care Brings Holiday Cheer

With Hanukah tomorrow and 6 days until Christmas, holiday stress is peaking. So this week, we’re focusing on self-care basics to preserve health, happiness, and your remaining sanity. First, make time to eat; your body can’t run without fuel. Exercise once or twice by going to the gym, walking your dog, or riding your bike. Recharge your emotional engine by making time to savor what you enjoy-a  great cup of coffee, a manicure, or visiting a friend. Feed your spirit by walking in nature, positive affirmations, and giving to others.

Second, practice relaxation. Take breaks in the day. Stop running around at record speeds. The “perfect gift” doesn’t exist so stop and breathe. Close your eyes and spend 5 minutes, breathing in to the count of 3, holding for a couple seconds and then out to the count of 3. If a thought creeps in, let it go. Focus you attention on your heart spreading calm and warmth through your body. Repeat 2-3 times a day. Studies show that relaxation boosts immunity, lessens pain and improves mood.

Finally, spend your time wisely. Choose one activity which makes the holidays special for you and Do It! Maybe baking or caroling or watching a holiday DVD. Don’t let your “to do” list consume you. Prioritize what has to get done, and cut out what you can. Stop and think “Will doing this make me feel good” or tired and stressed. The better you feel, the more you’ll enjoy the holidays and so will those around you.

4 thoughts on “Self-Care Brings Holiday Cheer

  1. I took some time for self-care yesterday. By Friday of last week, I knew I needed it. My husband’s hours at work have been crazy, so I’ve been taking care of all things Christmas. So, I called for a massage to see if they had any openings at all this weekend. Turns out they had 2 – so I took one and came home a new person. Now I feel refreshed and ready to take on the week ahead!

  2. Because our house is up for sale it gave me permission to take the crazy out of Christmas.The decorations are at a minimum at not mine exactly but there is a theme. I call it My Big Lots Christmas. I haven’t baked but I bought bakery goods that would give a donation to my favorite cause.We drew names this year so our cost is less. Stockings aren’t hung. I needed to get rid of some Christmas tins so guess what-stocking gifts are in the tins and the kids get to take the tine home.HEHE!I also ordered all my food from Dierbergs. I guess the point is don’t be afraid to shake things up and do something different. The holidays are about family. Give yourself permission to relax about the decor,food and baking. Blame it on something if you have to but you will enjoy the holidays more

  3. Even though I had many other household chores this past weekend, I chose Sunday as a day to bake cookies. I love to bake and I get to share the time with my daughters who are always busy with work or school. Not only did I get time to do something I really enjoy, but I had some relaxed time with my girls!

  4. We have de-stressed Christmas so much that I thought it was the NEXT weekend, not this one! I went to the Apple Store to have my computer fixed and wondered why there were so many people there! It actually felt good.

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