Recharge Your Battery to Welcome the New Year

For a healthy and happy new year, you need to have the energy to enjoy it. Our self-care tip this post-holiday weekend is to rest and recharge your battery.  Don’t put pressure on yourself for playdates, taking the children out or visiting friends and family unless that’s easier for you.  Resist preparing  gourmet meals, downloading holiday pictures or catching up on errands.  You have the entire  year ahead.

What to do instead?  Rest.  Restore.  Recharge.  No child has ever died from a diet of hot dogs and macaroni.  In fact, many of them prefer it.  They will gladly wear the same clothes and don’t care if their rooms are a mess.  Also, let them entertain themselves.  What about the new toys they took seconds to unwrap?  They can play with them!

The holidays are a particularly challenging time to balance our needs with those of others. But we must persist if we are to greet the new year with a healthy and positive outlook.

As we always say, you need to keep your pitcher filled to take care of yourself and those you love.  Don’t run yourself ragged like little Spudgy and miss out on the fun.  Give yourself a break this weekend.  You deserve it.   And get some sleep.

4 thoughts on “Recharge Your Battery to Welcome the New Year

  1. I’ve been thinking about having a “me” day once my girls go back to school. I received gift cards for a massage and a pedicure, so … of course I’m trying to push down feelings of guilt for indulging myself. 🙂 But, I guess that’s what the cards are for – a little pampering. Now to find a day!

  2. These are the days when I am glad my 12 year old prefers her friends over us. She’s been hanging out with them on this break and there have been days I haven’t gotten out of my pajamas. The real world comes back next week, but for now I’ll stay here in my cocoon. Happy New Year!

  3. I’m also trying to stay in my cocoon with chick flicks and tea. Just watched Bridesmaids-better than I expected. Saw The Help 2 days ago. Loved it! Hope it wins the Oscar for best picture. Have enjoyed several cups of Lipton’s new mandarin orange tea in the pyramid bags. Yummy.

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