It’s Okay to Slow Down

That’s what my Dove chocolate wrapper said. “It’s okay to slow down.” That’s what my husband said after I dumped soil all over our porch instead of in the pot. “The plants aren’t in a hurry. They’ve got plenty of time to grow.”

“Okay I said,” not to my husband but to the universe, God or whatever you consider to be your higher power. I get the message.  Take a breath. Smell the flowers. Enjoy the beautiful spring day. What could be more important? Honestly, nothing but sometimes I am totally convinced, perhaps you are too, that getting things done is more important than savoring my life. As Wayne Dyer says, “We are human beings not human doings.”

So, for the past 24 hours I’ve been making a “conscious” effort to slow down. When my friend phoned Sunday morning and said she was “too pooped” to meet for coffee, I fixed myself a cup of tea and watched the bunnies playing outside my kitchen window. Then I showered with the new shampoo and soap I’d bought (because I like the smell), gave myself a mini-facial, and sat on my front porch admiring our beautiful crabapple tree with its amazing pink blooms. When I look at those blossoms, I remember that nature doesn’t strive or strain but just unfolds moment by moment.

I wish I could be more like our tree-standing still, soaking in the sun’s rays, content with just being. Not needing to answer e-mail, voicemail or my next text message. Not feeling compelled to check off another item on my to-do list. Letting life unfold through me-peacefully, gracefully, deliciously. Living and loving the moment I’m in.

This week take time to “slow down.” Spend 15 minutes each day focusing your attention on what you’re doing instead of rushing to get done. If you’re eating, pay attention to the texture, smell and taste of your food. If you’re outdoors, notice the colors, how the air/sun feels on your body and the sounds . Immerse yourself in the experience of NOW. Share a pix of your “NOW” moment below or on our facebook page.

3 thoughts on “It’s Okay to Slow Down

  1. I totally hear you, Diane! I often look at my pets and wish I could be more like them. They sleep when they are tired, eat when they are hungry and play when they are frisky. They don’t have to-do lists to check off. Yes, my pets are my heroes! =)

  2. I had a great weekend doing exactly as you described, nothing planned and spending it the way I wanted! I enjoyed my weekend so much! It was so different from those chore and errand filled weekends I have come to dread. I definitely feel refreshed for a Monday, this is due to choosing to spend my time in a relaxing kind of way. We all need this every so often!

  3. I hear you girlfriends! Why do I(we?) keep having to learn this lesson over and over? I think as women it’s especially rough to let go of the have-to’s. I hear a lot of wives complain in couples therapy that their husbands take time to relax when they need/want to. Maybe they’re setting a good example. LOL.

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