How the Universe Conspires to Help Us

When I was brainstorming today about a topic for my post, my older daughter and her friend suggested I talk about “accepting help” and how I finally have a new website thanks to Kay Murray my talented web designer. Since we’ve been discussing the value of support, this seemed perfect and then it occurred to me. The story of my meeting Kay goes beyond receiving support to how the universe conspires to “help us” when we make our intentions known.

For years, I’ve been trying to revise my website without success. I spoke with several designers who didn’t work out in addition to realizing I couldn’t do it myself. I didn’t know where else to turn so I stopped looking. Then last December I was sitting at the auto license bureau waiting to renew my license when I overheard a conversation. Two young women were discussing plans for their new businesses and one was a web designer.

Because I’ve learned to listen when the universe speaks, I turned around immediately, apologized for interrupting, and asked the web designer about possibly working with me. Kay and I met a few weeks later and decided to move ahead. In May, my new website launched and I can’t thank her enough for her wonderful design and tech skills (which I do not have) and mentoring me.

Now besides, you can visit me at The site is designed for moms and health providers and allows you to download my book and relaxation CD. Please stop by and let me know what you think.

This week, make your intentions known so the universe can help you. You never know what may happen.

P.S. A neighbor just stopped by to tell me my book was reviewed in a paper I’d thrown away. Click here for the story.

3 thoughts on “How the Universe Conspires to Help Us

  1. First if all – congrats for the review! And you know how I love your site. I’m planning on contacting Kay this week. All those things I used to think were coincidences I now see as synchronicities and signs that the universe is trying to tell me something. Great post!

  2. Congrats on the review! Well done! Great topic- How the Universe Conspires to Help Us. I would just add- that you have to be listening to hear. Good things are all around us and the more you acknowledge the good the more of it you will see.

  3. Hi Maureen. You are so right about the “listening” part. Sometimes I feel like I have to be beaten over the head with it first. Fortunately, these times are rarer. Also, reminds me of the joke about God sending a boat, helicopter, etc to keep a man from drowning and he kept waiting for something else to show up. My mantra-look, listen, learn.

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