May 2012 Self-Care Challenge Champions!

Since many of us (Stacey and I included) won’t be celebrating the 4th with fireworks because our dry, hot weather has turned the country into a fire hazard, we wanted to find an alternate way to celebrate. So, we decided to announce the winners of our May Self-Care Challenge!

No, we didn’t forget! But as many moms know, May and June are jam-packed and sometimes life gets in the way of our best intentions. Now that the madness has slowed down, we are excited to announce our winners although any woman who practices self-care is a winner to us.

1. Manicure courtesy of MamaSpace: Sue S.

2. gift card courtesy of Angie L.

3. Books and t-shirt courtesy of Postpartum Support International: Mamingwa

4. Pedicure kit courtesy of Linda Meyer: Julie

Congratulations to each of you, not only for winning a prize, but for living self-care. And in spite of the heat, Happy 4th!


Stacey bravely does her motherly duties at DisneyWorld. Who knew Nemo was such a MAN? 😉

One thought on “May 2012 Self-Care Challenge Champions!

  1. YAY! Thank you. You can enjoy the 4th without fireworks and I hope you all stay cool and hydrated. We got up early and went for a walk (family self-care together!)

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