If I Were A Guy???

This is the question I’ve been asking myself lately. Why? Because I’m in the “middle” of negotiating a lease for my new Midwest Mind Body Health Center which opens Oct. 1, and I’ve been in the “middle” for the past 8 weeks.

When I first saw the building, I asked the owner to deal with me directly but he said he’d hired a real estate broker and it’d be better to speak with him. Would a man have agreed to this? I don’t know, but I did to “be nice.” What’s happened since then? Not much. The broker has been on vacation twice, doesn’t answer morning calls, isn’t much better later in the day, and took 10 days to get me the draft of my lease even after I decided to take a bigger space in a building that’s only half-full.

Not a great way to run a business especially in a real estate market that’s glutted. Then yesterday I decided I’d had enough and called the owner who seemed “clueless” that his broker was handling our deal like this. I told him I’d tried to respect his request that I work with the broker but I’d had enough. How soon would a man have done this? Probably much sooner. Certainly a man wouldn’t have been “nice” about it when the broker wasn’t doing his job.

Although I was raised to be a “nice girl,” I was also brought up to respect myself. While I know the broker is not intentionally disrespecting my time and need to wrap things up, I’m done waiting for him. Einstein said “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different solution.”  So, Monday I’ll be phoning and e-mailing the owner again to get my lease settled. If the broker ends up with mud on his face, he’s earned it.

What are your thoughts about this? What would you do? How long would you “be nice.” Let us know.

2 thoughts on “If I Were A Guy???

  1. i this day and age you have to fight like a man. Unfortunately half the time it works because you are seen as assertive . Half the time it doesn’t because you are seen as an aggressive female or bitch. It is always worth a shot then there is reinforcements in real estate be it business or home I use Fran Faupel 941-5596 . She getter done

  2. Shelley, you are so right. The last time I moved into a new office, they did a poor paint job including scraping the walls while installing carpeting and molding, and when I asked them to redo it, I was seen as a witch. I’ve never had to go through a broker before and it’s been a waste of my time and the owner’s money which could have been spent redoing the space instead and we’d both would be ahead.

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