Something Fun to Start the Week

Guess it’s been a while since we’ve posted. First, we wanted to put up something fun to start the week which my daughter led me to last week. It’s called “Kid President” and it’s on this wonderful site/blog TV called SoulPancake. For everyone who’s a mom, this one’s for you- I couldn’t stop laughing.

Next, on a more serious note. This Thursday Oct. 10 is Mental Health Awareness Day and we’re having a blog fest hosted at #ForMiriam- dedicated to Miriam Casey the mom who lost her life to mental illness this past week in Washington DC. Perinatal mental health experts across the country will be posting about what we can do to ensure that pregnant and postpartum moms get the treatment they need to get and stay well.

We’re giving mental illness a voice so that women can let go of the stigma and shame they feel to get the help they deserve. Help us out by sharing your comments and posts. Remember, life is filled with joy and sorrow, losses and gains but our connection with each other heals.


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  1. Thank you, Diane, for letting us know about the blog fest. One more step in the march to de-stigmatize mental illness!! I had a PCP recently suggest that the word “psychiatrist” be replaced by a less stigmatized name. Not a bad idea, but it would be tough to implement!