Mindful Living Experiment with My Kids

greggrayToday’s guest blogger is Gregory Gray, LMT.  He is a single dad of 3 beautiful children, which are his number one focus. He’s also a Licensed Massage Therapist serving the Pearland, Friendswood and Houston, Texas areas. He has a passion for helping people (especially moms) find their quiet place where they can rest and recharge.  Greg says, “I know for myself, that no matter how much I love being with my kiddos, that serving my children on a daily basis can be draining. My job is to help you relax so that you get some ‘me’ time, a moment in time where you can think of yourself first (which really is ok, no matter what our brains tell us).” His website, which includes all kinds of great self-care tips, is http://gregorymgray.com/.

I gave 3 chocolate chips to each of my children (ages 8, 9, and 16) and gave them the following instructions:

  1.  Close your eyes.
  2. Stay quiet.
  3. Place the chips in your mouth but do not eat them. I told them to allow them to melt.
  4. Focus on the flavors and textures in your mouth.

Let the experiment begin!  We took about 2 minutes (that’s forever for an 8 year-old boy) and then we discussed what we experienced. My children then began to describe the flavors that they experienced. I was impressed that they were able to pick out the salty flavor and some fruitiness. I explained to them that life was like that as well. We miss many enjoyable moments because we are moving too fast. I challenged them to join me and to mindfully eat their meals today to the best of their ability and attempt to notice as many flavors and textures as possible.

I challenge you as well. Take a few bites of a meal today and eat them mindfully. Savor the flavors and in the process, you may find relaxation in there as well.

Comment below if you take the challenge. I would love to hear you experiences!