Carpe Momento!

I love this phrase which a colleague of mine suggested be our blog’s theme. “Seize the moment,” is a phrase people like to use BUT are they? Since the start of May, we’ve been asking you to practice mindfulness twice a day for 10 minutes or once daily for 20 minutes. We’ve given you both formal and informal ways to practice.

So, how are you doing? What’s your experience been? What obstacles have gotten in the way? Have you figured out a way not to let them stop you. This week I was happy to hear that one of my newer clients had found a way to practice most days and was noticing the benefits that happen when you do. Even in moments when she was not engaged in mindfulness, she found that she was less quick to get upset and irritable. A welcome change for anyone.

It also helps to practice in a group like I mentioned in an earlier. If you live in St. Louis, I’ll be teaching “Mindfulness in 5 Simple Steps: How to Stress Less and Live Better” at my place on June 5 and 6. Click on this link to see a Fox Files TV segment about it- Click here for a new video on my YouTube channel on how to “Settle Your Thoughts,” one of my 5 Simple Steps.

For more info on my class, call 314-99-5666 or visit my FB page at  I’ll have info and be posting there this week as I’m in Chicago this week celebrating my mom’s 83rd birthday.

Have a good week. Keep practicing. Namaste