Changing Your Life Is Hard but Worthwhile

In mindfulness practice, we talk about being aware of our lives one moment at a time and to savor the moment we’re in. I had a particularly wonderful opportunity to savor several experiences this week but almost sacrificed them by “doing too much.” Because it alerted me to the self-sabotage that many of us engage in, I wanted to share my story with you.

Tuesday, I discovered that my schedule on Thursday was going to be relatively free. Instead of recharging Wednesday which is “sort of” my day off, I decided to make a backlog of calls which had been bugging me after a fruitful but energy depleting business lunch. Not only did I succeed in exhausting myself Wednesday with all the “work” I created but by the end of the day, felt less excited over the grand opening of The Corner Gates event venue last Thursday which I’d looked forward to all month.

That night my mother reminded me I was “over-doing it again” and while my immediate response was “I’m just energized by everything that’s going on,” the next morning, I knew she was right. Fortunately, I had a slow day Thursday and kept it that way. I had a wonderful time Thursday night at The Corner Gates with Chef Ashley Nanney’s delicious food and hospitality, music from the Whiskey Raccoons, and good company. I felt happy and nourished by my deliberate self-care and the universe rescuing me once again from burn-out.

Why are we always finding and losing our “peace of mind?” What gets in your way? Why do you sacrifice contentment with the need to do more? What do YOU do to get it back,

Here’s an exercise from my new program “Mindfulness in 5 Simple Steps: How to Stress Less and Live Better” on how to “stay in the moment.”

Take time to rest and recharge this week. Namaste.