Noticing and Harnessing the Power of Co-incidence

I was “noticing” my life when I came across a free podcast from Deepak Chopra, one of my mentors, about how to have do less and have more without “struggling for success.” It resonated with me so I wanted to write about it here. Actually, when I got back on my mindfulness path, attending this seminar “in person” was the first thing I’d done. What a co-incidence.

Anyway, Deepak spoke about being aligned with our soul’s purpose or dharma and living from the level of the soul. He said that when we are life flows effortlessly like our breath or bodies which keep us alive without us consciously doing anything. He reminded his listeners of The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success, which he’d written 15 years earlier, and how if we follow these “laws for living” which mimic nature’s unfolding we can live a life of more ease and less struggle. I love this book and especially it’s adaptation in The Seven Spiritual Laws of Yoga by Dr. David Simon, Chopra Center co-founder and Deepak which I draw upon when teaching.

“Synchrodestiny” as he calls it, is all around us if we tune in with awareness and let go of how we may be “forcing” our lives. Since mindfulness has become my mindset, many wonderful experiences have been unfolding when I’m aware of what’s occurring “in the moment” instead of being occupied with stress and striving. In the past month, I’ve met several like-minded and like-spirited folks who have agreed to partner with me on some of my upcoming projects, like a mindfulness program for parents and pre-schoolers. I’ve also become more closely affiliated with these same kind of folks, in some ongoing efforts to promote community-based projects which will bring more peace of mind and ease of living to themselves and those they serve. Sound too good to be true?

Deepak says that the more you live in the present and follow your soul’s not ego’s calling, this will happen. I’m certainly discovering it does. What about you? Are you following your soul’s path? When you do, do you notice the universe opening doors for you? When you don’t, what happens?

Pay attention this week by asking yourself these 3 soul questions daily. “Who am I?”  “What do I really, really want?”  “How may I serve?” Then watch and listen.

Have a good week. Namaste.