Practice Mindfulness with Dr. Sanford

Last Friday, I got to speak at the Postpartum Support International (PSI) certificate training in St. Louis. It was a wonderful blend of maternal child health providers from public agencies and private practices gathered together to support pregnant, birthing and postpartum women and their families. Both welcoming and warm, I felt much at home.

After my opening remarks, I led the group in a mindfulness exercise.  I was returning to my seat when a woman at the table next to mine stopped me and said, “You have such a soothing voice. You should make a meditation CD.” Since, I’m practicing mindfulness these weeks along with you, she got my attention and I listened. Of course, in my head, I’m thinking like many of us do “Where will I start? Which of the many mindful coping skills that I teach, shall I choose.”

Then I realized, keep it simple. Just click here on Simply Breathe or Soothe Your Body Mind, and you can try my guided mindfulness exercises. Pick the one you like or alternate between the two. Whichever suits you.

Please listen to one of these mindful coping skills daily or every other day for the next week. We call this “formal” practice. For your other 10 minutes of daily practice,”informally savor the moment you’re in” by tuning in to any activity you’re already doing. It could be showering, walking, gardening, playing with your children or spending time with your pet. When thoughts occur, redirect your attention to the sensory experience of what’s going on.

Make your best effort to commit to “formal” practice 10 minutes daily and “informal” practice 10 minutes daily. Do your best. Whatever happens, it’s okay. Be gentle with yourself. No judgement or criticism.

Have a good week. Namaste.