Taking Time for Rest and Restoration

I will be in Montana at a women’s retreat “Moon, Yin and Water” with Dr. Jean Shinoda Bolen from June 20-27. Before leaving on Saturday, I became aware of how much I need this. While I’ve been thoroughly enjoying life lately, it’s been a little too much “doing” and not enough being. Awareness reminding me it’s time for a break.

On the lighter side, Jean’s newest books “Crones Don’t Whine” is a perfect weekend or night-time read for women 55+ and honestly, it’s fun for all ages. I have read and re-read it many times since my daughter gave it to me last year for my birthday. Here’s an excerpt from it about “Choosing A Path With Heart.”

“To be human, is a body and soul experience unique to each person. On a physical level, no one is the same as anyone else. Each of us has our own unique story, the fulfillment of which has to do with choosing the path with heart. We come into the world with a particular disposition. The predispositions we unpack along the way in response to what we encounter…If we are spiritual beings on a human path, the answers to the questions that shape the journey do not come from outside of us, for the wisdom that knows is within us.”

I am excited and honored to spend the week with Jean and 29 other women on what I know is my soul’s path. Last week we asked you to think about yours with the 3 Soul Questions from Deepak Chopra, “Who am I? What do I really, really want? How my I serve.”

This week, keep asking and dedicate some time for rest and recharging when you feel physically, emotionally or mentally weary. Remember, the universe is here to support you. Take care. Namaste.