What I Know for Sure

Listening to the Women on the Edge of Evolution conference the past couple of days, helped crystallize this for me. In her new book Thrive Arianna Huffington writes about the Third Metric of success which includes well-being, wisdom and wonder, and talks about how to attain these. Sounds a lot like self-care to me. What I know for sure? Without self-care, people perish heart, mind, soul and often their bodies.

While this concept isn’t new, it finally appears to be reaching a tipping point as women decide that money and power alone aren’t enough to be successful. We want to be fully engaged in life. To make a difference. To live life with meaning. But to do that, we need to keep our energy, health and spirit strong through self-care practice or “thriving” as Huffington calls it.

In honor of May which is Maternal Mental Health Month (when will they just says moms’ health or well-being?), we will be kicking off our online self-care course with recommendations and exercises for establishing a daily/weekly self-care practice. As we say in mindfulness and counseling, lifestyle change is dose-related and the more consistently and frequently you practice, the more benefits accrue, and the stronger your self-care or stress-reducing muscle becomes.

If you live in St. Louis, you can join Dr. Sanford outside Macy’s at the Galleria next Saturday, May 2nd from 10am-5pm for Clinique Cosmetic’s Healthy Lifestyle event designed to help women #StartBetter everyday. Dr. Sanford will be sharing healthy tips about “feeling good from the inside out” and how to create less stress and more ease in your life by learning to let go of self-criticism and worry. She knows firsthand how women can be their own worst critics and has helped many women successfully set this aside.

To your health! Namaste.