Perform Random Acts of Kindness This Week

Since Thanksgiving is next Thursday, this week I challenge you to perform random acts of kindness daily. Let family and friends know your gratitude for them. Smile at the grocery clerk or say “Hi” to a neighbor. These small gestures can turn your day and someone else’s around because they improve mood and diminish stress.

Did you know that when you are kind or someone is thoughtful towards you, it improves your and the receiver’s health and also has a positive influence on those observing.

Random acts of kindness include being grateful and appreciative of yourself, so treat yourself to a soothing bath or listening to some music you enjoy. As Helen Keller said, “What I am looking for is not out there-it is in here.”

For more ideas on how to practice random acts of kindness, check out my new book Stress Less Live Better at Praeclarus Press and follow me on twitter or Facebook for conversation and support in spreading an attitude of gratitude. Best to each of you!