Meal Prep Mastery for Moms: Free Online Series

Hello. Dr. Diane here. Hope your week is off to a good start. I met this fabulous mom who loves food and feeding her family without it becoming overwhelming and stressful. When she asked me to introduce her new and participate in her expert summit to kick off her series, of course, I said yes.

As moms, we pretty much run the household, right? From laundry to dishes to bandaging scraped elbows, we often feel like we’re all things to all people … which is why, when it comes to cooking, so many of us feel burned out, tired, and maybe even resentful. We want to feed our kids healthy meals, but by the time it’s time to cook dinner, the kitchen is the last place we want to be.

Good news: it doesn’t have to be this way. With the right tools, information, and advice, you can learn to love the kitchen (and cooking in it) again—while you make quick, healthy meals your family will actually eat without complaining!

My friend Nichole Teering, nutritionist, is offering a complimentary interview series starting February 12 to show you how. It’s called Meal Prep Mastery for Moms, and it brings together more than 20 experts in cooking and nutrition, including me, to give you our expert advice on feeding your family well—without hating the process.

Grab your spot here, at no cost: for tips and helpful hints to regain your Health AND Your Sanity-while feeding your family well.


Remember, that mindful eating and food prep is a great way to ease stress and redirect your attention. For Nichole’s interview with me about my new program Stress Less Live Better and how to make self-care and mindfulness part of your daily routine, click on the following link: Namaste.