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It’s Fall: Time to Reflect and Reconnect

For many years, fall has been a contemplative time for me. The leaves on the trees are turning and the days are growing shorter. We celebrate holidays including Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur, the start of the Jewish New Year; fall equinox which marks the end of the growing season and beginning of when the land becomes barren; and this year, we commemorated the 20th anniversary in the US of 9/11. It’s a good time to ask: “What has my life been this past year and what do I want it to become in the year ahead? What seeds of intention can I plant now that may blossom in the spring?”

To help you cope with this season of change, I’ll be posting the next few months about what you can do within yourself and in your life to make things go more smoothly. With COVID, the election and multiple stresses affecting all of us, it’s been a bumpy time already and our reserves for handling life’s ups and downs have become quite low. In the Jewish tradition of Tikkun Olam, let’s practice healing ourselves and our world by reflecting and reconnecting inside and out.

Namaste, Dr. Diane Sanford

Here are some resources and links to help you get started!

Stress Less, Live Better on Amazon and Audible
Introduction to Mindfulness Podcast

And here’s a funny video from Juggling the Jenkins in case you need a good laugh to lighten your mood.

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