Tip #5

Tip #5: Patience can be key in bonding with your baby. Sometimes, bonding isn’t immediate so be patient & know that those feelings of closeness & connectedness are only going to continue to grow. And family, friends, specialists & products like @Dreft are available to help. #ad Like, comment or share!

Tip #4

Tip #5: Savoring the moment you’re in helps you bond and connect with your baby by building positive memories. Whether, it’s putting them to bed, feedings or taking in the smell of babyhood with the iconic scent of @dreft baby detergent.. try to take a mental snapshot so you can keep these moments with you forever. Like, comment or share!

Tip #3

Tip #3: Taking the smell of babyhood with you is a great way to bond and feel connected to your little one. A recent survey found when they are apart, 87% of parents agree that the @Dreft iconic baby scent helps them feel more connected and closer to their little one. #ad Like, comment or share!

Tip #2

Tip #2: Breathing in that new baby smell is a great way to bond with your little one. That process can actually start in the laundry room with @dreft baby detergent, which has been formulated to resemble the indescribable smell of babyhood. #ad

5 Simple Steps

New parents often ask me for tips on bonding with their babies. Today and tomorrow on Twitter, I am sharing 5 simple steps to bonding with with your baby- including my favorite @Dreft baby detergent.

Say Yes to Your Life


Hello Followers!

Welcome to day 8 of my Mindfulness Challenge! Please participate by leaving comments or reposting/sharing.

When you embrace life fully, you open yourself up to a world of possibilities.

  1. What do you do to embrace life fully?
  2. What can you do today to embrace life fully?

Today is the final day of the Mindfulness Challenge. I hope that you have learned some new ways to practice mindfulness, as well as how to stress less and live better.