Happy Thanksgiving!

With the holiday season back in full swing this week, it’s important that we take time to focus on what matters most. Wishing you Happy Holidays and a Thanksgiving filled with love and relaxation. #wellnessWednesday

If you’re looking for more ways to stay relaxed throughout the holidays, checkout my Stress Less, Live Better series. These books would make a great gift for the busy mom in your life, or anyone who could benefit from learning how to better manage stress.

Stress Less, Live Better

Stress Less, Live Better (Pregnancy, Postpartum and Early Motherhood Edition)

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Introducing My New Book!

SLLB PPE frontHello Followers!

I have some exciting news. I have a new book out!

In the latest book from my Stress Less Live Better series, you’ll learn how to best meet the challenges of pregnancy, postpartum, and early motherhood. With over 30 years expertise in motherhood and emotional health, I have developed 5 Simple Skills to reduce stress, anxiety, and parenting guilt by learning to calm your mind and body. Based on my Stress Less Live Better program developed for moms and busy people, these skill sets are practical and can easily fit into your daily life without needing extra time.

Complete with exercises and opportunities for reflection, this book will guide you on your journey to stress less and live better.

Purchase my book here:

Mindfulness Workshops

Saturday, January 26 @ 9:00 am – 12:00 pm
Saturday, February 2 @ 9:00am – 12:00pm

$30 – $50 ($30/class OR $50 for both)


Join us for two weekend workshops covering various aspects of mindfulness practice.

The perfect antidote to the hectic holiday season, unwind and set new intentions for 2019, through guided exercises and lessons.


Mindfulness in Everyday Life: of discussion of the value and practice of mindfulness in everyday life. This workshop was offered in 2018 and quickly sold out, with rave reviews.

Women, Mindfulness, & Mood: Because as women our minds, hormones and lives are constantly changing, we need to learn a set of coping skills that will help us weather life’s storms. Mindfulness practice that teaches us to calm our mind and re-inhabit our body is a time-proven skillset for easing stress, anxiety and worry.

Tickets include light refreshments.

Check out the link below to learn more about Stress Less, Live Better:
Podcast: Intro to Mindfulness

Perinatal Mood and Anxiety Disorders and Smoking Cessation Training

Hello Everyone!

Do you work with pregnant women or mothers? Do you want to know more about Perinatal Mood and Anxiety Disorders? Are you interested in learning techniques for assisting with smoking cessation?

My daughter, Rachel Sanford, MSW, LMSW, and I will be providing a training on PMADs and Smoking Cessation.

The FREE training is on Wednesday, October 3rd from 8:30-11:00am at the John C Murphy Health Center–located at 6121 N Hanley Rd, Berkeley, MO 63134.

I will be giving an overview of PMADs. Rachel works at the American Lung Association providing smoking cessation for pregnant women and adults. She will be covering some techniques and guidelines for working with women who are suffering from PMADs (or other mental health issues) and trying to quit smoking cigarettes.

The information and registration can be accessed via this link:

We hope to see you there!

Tip #5

Tip #5: Patience can be key in bonding with your baby. Sometimes, bonding isn’t immediate so be patient & know that those feelings of closeness & connectedness are only going to continue to grow. And family, friends, specialists & products like @Dreft are available to help. #ad Like, comment or share!

Tip #4

Tip #5: Savoring the moment you’re in helps you bond and connect with your baby by building positive memories. Whether, it’s putting them to bed, feedings or taking in the smell of babyhood with the iconic scent of @dreft baby detergent.. try to take a mental snapshot so you can keep these moments with you forever. Like, comment or share!

Tip #3

Tip #3: Taking the smell of babyhood with you is a great way to bond and feel connected to your little one. A recent survey found when they are apart, 87% of parents agree that the @Dreft iconic baby scent helps them feel more connected and closer to their little one. #ad Like, comment or share!

Tip #2

Tip #2: Breathing in that new baby smell is a great way to bond with your little one. That process can actually start in the laundry room with @dreft baby detergent, which has been formulated to resemble the indescribable smell of babyhood. #ad

5 Simple Steps

New parents often ask me for tips on bonding with their babies. Today and tomorrow on Twitter, I am sharing 5 simple steps to bonding with with your baby- including my favorite @Dreft baby detergent.