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Stress Getting the Best of You? Just Breathe

When first introduced to breathing as a relaxation technique, we wonder how something so simple can work.  My favorite story about “breathing” was finding my 10 year-old daughter playing the deep breathing/relaxation CD I’d made to a friend who was spending the night  and having trouble sleeping.  She said, “Just listen–you’ll feel better.”  Fifteen minutes later, they were both asleep. Deep breathing works so well because we spend so much time physically  and emotionally stressed.  Psychologist Alice Domar states that the average US adult experiences the fight or flight response… Read more Stress Getting the Best of You? Just Breathe

Call for a Self-Care Revolution

Self-care should be a revolution – it’s an idea so basic that many people, especially women don’t even think to take the time or make an effort to be a “cult of one,” to take care of themselves first. That’s where this self-care challenge comes in.  Day one’s challenge of chanting the mantra, “Taking care of me benefits others I love,” sounds simple and it should be in theory. But we tend to clutter our lives with complications and excuses. I take this mantra to heart lately. I can’t do… Read more Call for a Self-Care Revolution

The Shape of LIVING Self-Care to Come

Though the initial 21 day self-care challenge has wrapped up, LIVING self-care is regrouping to inspire you to carry on. Here’s the blueprint: Each Monday, we’ll review a daily tip and discuss ways for you to apply it through the week, day by day. Each Wednesday, we’ll inspire you with words from a  “Challenge Champion,” acquainting you with some of the resources who offer incredible support and information for real women like you. Each Friday, we’ll strive to make you laugh, reinforcing humor as a cornerstone of wellness. Each weekend,… Read more The Shape of LIVING Self-Care to Come

Gratitude to You

I know that gratitude was yesterday’s tip, but I feel it’s the one I need to practice today.  I am thankful to each of you for pursuing this journey with us, and hopefully continuing on.  Ann and I have gained from your comments and participation, and perhaps without knowing it, you have deepened our commitment to LIVING Self-Care for ourselves and our loved ones. It’s been humbling to see that although we KNOW how important it is to practice daily, we stumbled and regained our footing several times.  And honestly, that’s how life… Read more Gratitude to You

We’re Here to Stay

It’s Sunday night and in the blogging universe, the week has begun. Time to get back online and see what’s happening. In case you haven’t heard, LIVING Self-Care is here to stay. We know it’s been challenging to keep up with daily tips for almost three weeks now so we’re going to slow it down. After the 21-Day Challenge officially ends this Tuesday, we’ll still be LIVING Self-Care and hope you will too. We’ll have more later this week about our plans and would love to hear from you about… Read more We’re Here to Stay

You Haven’t Missed The Self-Care Challenge

Just letting everyone know that although the 21-Day Challenge ends on the 26th, LIVING Self-Care will keep going.  Each week we’ll take a tip from the 21-Day challenge and spend the week blogging about it with tips, comments, articles, links, and videos.  Everything we can think of to help you succeed at making self-care part of your daily routine. Several bloggers who’ve just joined are under the impression that the challenge will be over soon, but honestly we’re just beginning.  We’ve discovered these last couple of weeks that many of… Read more You Haven’t Missed The Self-Care Challenge

Call to Action

We’re challenging each of you to get 2 friends to sign up for LIVING Self-Care in the next week, before the 21 day challenge ends.  Share this great resource! There are many more deserving women out there. You, as one of our valuable fans working the challenge, are our best recommendation.  We hope the tips have been helpful and that you feel empowered to make self-care part of your daily routine.  Your comments have inspired us!  They help us keep our emotional pitchers full.  For more about this, preview our… Read more Call to Action

Press Release: Still Time to Join 21 Day Self-Care Challenge

Thirteen days into the 21 Day Self-Care Challenge, and the response is amazing. On the initial day of the challenge, nearly 800 viewers visited this LIVING Self-Care blog. The average number of visitors per day to date is 340. The message is spreading across the web, as the list of friends and supporting organizations continues to expand. It’s not too late to join the 21 Day Self-Care Challenge! Check out the daily tips, beginning on Day one. Or  choose a tip that works for you, jumping from Day 2 to… Read more Press Release: Still Time to Join 21 Day Self-Care Challenge