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Calling all REAL WOMEN!

Are you joining with us for the upcoming 21 day self-care challenge? Want to show your true colors, a woman in the trenches LIVING self-care? We’d love to feature photos of real women who are tackling this exciting endeavor with us. Pictures speak volumes! We will be sharing photos of the women who are participating, one photo per day. Just another way to help you connect to the thousands of other women linking arms to learn this skill and enhance their lives as part of Mental Health Week. You are… Read more Calling all REAL WOMEN!

Welcome to the Challenge

Are you perpetually last on your own list, juggling family, home, children,  partner, work, even pets? Meanwhile, every headline, blog, and talk show reminds you to “practice self-care.” Deep inside, you know you’d feel better if you took better care of yourself—but you’re stumbling to start, let alone practice self-care. The 21-day self-care challenge is just for you. The first full week of October is Mental Health Week—and a great time to join Drs. Ann Dunnewold and Diane Sanford, the “Real Mom” experts and authors of “Life Will Never Be… Read more Welcome to the Challenge