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Life Will Never Be The Same by Dr. Ann Dunnewold and Dr. Diane Sanford

book-image-213x300Now, in Life Will Never Be The Same: The Real Mom’s Postpartum Survival Guide, their new definitive guide to emotional health surrounding childbearing, they present their clinically-proven strategies for surviving and thriving during both the postpartum period and a lifetime of motherhood. The feelings surrounding becoming a mom are often more powerful than feelings at any other time in a woman’s life. Pregnant and new moms take every precaution to ensure their physical health, from all the latest tests to prenatal vitamins. However, emotional health is just as critical, if not more! In fact, postpartum depression is the single most frequent complication of childbirth. As moms, the authors know what a wild ride pregnancy and postpartum emotions bring.

In this book, they share with you the best kept secret of all: caring for yourself emotionally will lead to a happier, more successful journey through motherhood and beyond. Within this book is exactly what every woman needs to know to balance her life as a mom. In this book you will learn to:

  • Be emotionally healthy in the critical postpartum period.
  • Prevent normal ups and downs from turning into anxiety and depression.
  • Cope with postpartum depression and anxiety.
  • Replace mothering guilt and inadequacy with confidence and strength.
  • Survive and thrive as a mother by learning self-care, the key to emotional health and successful mothering.

Read an excerpt or buy the book here.


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