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Category: January tips

Preview of February Self-Care Month Events

As you may have seen, Stacey and I decided to designate February as self-care month. With Valentine’s Day not far off, it seemed that the idea of self-care and showing ourselves “a little love” was timely. During February, we’ll be writing and having guest posts on topics pertaining to self-care, self-compassion, self-love, wellness, mind/body health and other POSITIVE mental health topics. If you have something to say about the importance of self-care, have an established a self-care regimen that works for you or have questions about how other women (ourselves included) make self-care work, then please contact… Read more Preview of February Self-Care Month Events

Video Does Great Job Explaining Depression

I came upon this video yesterday and thought it was an outstanding way to explain depression to someone who has never had it. It also mentions the awful stigma that comes with dealing with mental illness and its symptoms. Feel free to share this with someone who could use it. The URL is Namaste’.

Free Yourself To Be Yourself

In a conversation with a client last week, we talked about how difficult it’s been for her to focus equally on what’s in “her best interest” as well as those of others. While she’s finally doing this more in her 50’s, it’s been hard to overcome the message that women often learn growing up of taking care of others in spite of the emotional cost to themselves. I still remember when I said “No” for the first time to one of my family members and they threw a jar of… Read more Free Yourself To Be Yourself

“Self-care is Like Chocolate. You Can Never Have Enough.”

Like Stacey last week, I’ve been a little under the weather this weekend so I’m posting a link to a new interview I did for Psych Central about practicing self-care. The above phrase is one my husband and I came up with for a talk I gave to new moms, although all of us (including me) can benefit from being reminded. Here are some recommendations from the interview, which you can click here and read in its entirety. Practice self-care in intervals. For instance, take 15 minutes for yourself, twice… Read more “Self-care is Like Chocolate. You Can Never Have Enough.”

Transforming Your Life One Day At A Time

It’s the New Year and the question on many of our minds is, “What will I choose to do with my life this year?” Some of us will resolve to lose weight, quit smoking, start exercising and improve our physical health. Others may resolve to be a better parent, spend more time with friends, or de-clutter our homes. For women who work outside their homes, the focus may be on improving our careers, getting a new job or finding more work-life balance. Whatever it is, most of us view the… Read more Transforming Your Life One Day At A Time