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Category: Monday Musings

When the Best Thing to Do is No-thing

Like learning it’s “okay to slow down” which I discussed last week, another ongoing life lesson for me is “doing no-thing”. Last week was busier than usual with family and work, and by Friday I was so hyped up, I’d decided to jump into my to-do list by 7:30 am. When my children were young this was routine, but now “I have options.” LOL. Anyway, I had contacted my new web designer and set up an “urgent” meeting for that day, rearranged my weekend schedule and started to review my… Read more When the Best Thing to Do is No-thing

It’s Okay to Slow Down

That’s what my Dove chocolate wrapper said. “It’s okay to slow down.” That’s what my husband said after I dumped soil all over our porch instead of in the pot. “The plants aren’t in a hurry. They’ve got plenty of time to grow.” “Okay I said,” not to my husband but to the universe, God or whatever you consider to be your higher power. I get the message.  Take a breath. Smell the flowers. Enjoy the beautiful spring day. What could be more important? Honestly, nothing but sometimes I am… Read more It’s Okay to Slow Down

Listen to Your “Inner Wizard”: Quiet Your “Inner Lizard”

When we left last Monday, my “inner lizard” was screaming warnings of fear and dread, as only she can, about not attending a sweat lodge ritual (temazcal) with a Mayan shaman while on vacation. “Danger. Danger. Danger,” she shouted. “What if you have to leave and humiliate yourself. Worse yet, what if you pass out? Worse yet, what if you have a heart attack out in the middle of the jungle and never leave alive.” You get the picture. However, I decided not to let Caty Catastrophe (as I fondly… Read more Listen to Your “Inner Wizard”: Quiet Your “Inner Lizard”

Calm Your “Inner Lizard”: Meet Your “Inner Wizard”

Since returning from vacation a week ago, my brain is not fully engaged but I wanted to share an experience I had which helped connect me with who I am behind my social roles (mom, wife, daughter, career woman), worries, and fears. Before I left, I was re-listening to Martha Beck’s Steering By Starlight in which she discusses how much we’re controlled by our “lizard”/emotional brain, which broadcasts fears of warning and dread constantly. She even suggests you name your “inner lizard” although I haven’t come up with a fitting… Read more Calm Your “Inner Lizard”: Meet Your “Inner Wizard”

At the Core

[Diane usually writes for Mondays, but she’s taking care of herself and is on vacation! So I’m happy to fill in while she gets some much needed R&R!] I saw a client this morning who realized just how much of his belief system as an adult was shaped by his childhood. As these core beliefs emerge from the recesses of his mind, he chooses the ones that he deems healthy to hang onto and is working on changing the rest. In essence, he is “spring cleaning” his spirit. So much… Read more At the Core

Spring is the Time to Take Control

Spring has come to symbolize a time for new beginnings, starting from a clean slate, or thinking about the choices we’ve made or didn’t make. Take a moment to think about the past year, and how it played out. Are you satisfied? What would you change? Paul Simon in a song said, “Seasons change with the scenery, weaving time in a tapestry…” Our lives are complex and at times complicated. Do we give ourselves the chance to start anew? How much do we care about what we’re going through at… Read more Spring is the Time to Take Control

Things My Daughter Taught Me

Since yesterday was my daughter’s 20th birthday, I decided to dedicate this post to her.  There is a Buddhist saying that often our “best teachers” are the ones who challenge us most. I have learned many lessons from my “wise, spirited, sensitive and sometimes emotionally intense” daughter in our 20 years together. Here are a few: 1. When someone is upset, talking doesn’t always make it better. Often, it’s better to step away from the situation and have time to cool off than trying doggedly to fix it. Silence can… Read more Things My Daughter Taught Me

“I’m a Good Mom”- Count Your Strengths

My friend Diane Sanford, PhD, co-wrote an incredible book with Ann Dunnewold, PhD, for new mothers, called Life Will Never Be the Same: The Real Mom’s Postpartum Survival Guide. She mailed me a copy, and since I received it a few months ago, I occasionally turn to it when I’m having one of those “I’m a terrible mother” days. You know those days? I hope you don’t, but I think they’re an inherent part of this motherhood gig, unfortunately. This book is one I wish I could loan to all… Read more “I’m a Good Mom”- Count Your Strengths