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It’s Cyber Monday-See If You’ve Won

True to our mission here at livingselfcare, Lauren and I took last week off to recharge and enjoy the holiday. Since today is Cyber Monday, we thought it would be fitting to announce the winners of our Nov.14-18 2011 Self-Care Challenge Contest. Here they are: – $100 SpaWish certificate from – $25 Shutterfly Gift Certificate via Working Moms Against Guilt – $25 Maternique Gift Certifiicate from Darline Turner-Lee of Mamas on Bedrest – Happy Family clothing & PSI Educational DVD via Postpartum Support International– A copy of A Life’s Work by Rachel Cusk via Postpartum Progress – Jewelry set via Mother to… Read more It’s Cyber Monday-See If You’ve Won

Let’s See How Far Our Gratitude Can Spread

It’s the final day of our self-care challenge and hopefully you’re less stresed and feeling better from this week’s gratitude activities. Now, it’s time to spread the cheer. Remember when you used to play telephone and whisper messages in your friends’ ears passing them from one to the next. At the end, you’d laugh over how the message changed and start again. Today’s challenge is to send gratitude to others in whatever way works for you. Choose someone you want to express thanks to for what they’ve done, who they are or what… Read more Let’s See How Far Our Gratitude Can Spread

Beat Holiday Stress-Join the Challenge!

Before holiday stress overwhelms you, join our online self-care contest/challenge Nov.14-18. But wait you say, that’s still a week away. To begin flexing your self-care muscle, we’re offering tips starting today on how to replace holiday stress with inner peace and happiness. Follow us at  and for stress-busting advice. Likewise our self-care challenge champions have pitched in to get this party started. Take a listen to @mamasonbedrest interview with me about livingselfcare. Visit for their new look and updated info on motherhood and health. Visit for support on “putting mommy guilt in its place.” Who… Read more Beat Holiday Stress-Join the Challenge!

3 Weeks Until Fall Self-Care Contest/Challenge: Let’s Get This Party Started

In the midwest where I live, there are definite signs that fall is upon us. Leaves are turning and days are growing shorter. Summer vacation is over, children are back in school and the air is buzzing with activity. Fall also signals impending holiday madness with too little time to get things done. Which is why self-care is so important now and the reason we chose Mental Health Week (October 2-8) for our bi-annual self-care challenge/contest. We want to remind you to conserve some your energy now, like squirrels gathering acorns, to have enough for what’s ahead. Most of… Read more 3 Weeks Until Fall Self-Care Contest/Challenge: Let’s Get This Party Started

Want To Win A Box of Godiva Chocolates: Read This

To celebrate our almost first birthday which is October 9, we’re sponsoring a contest for our current and new subscribers. Because we want our October self-care contest/challenge to succeed, we’re asking that any subscriber get ten other friends, family, co-workers, etc. to join our blog, and we’ll enter you in a random weekly drawing for a box of Godiva chocolates for the month of September. Winners will be chosen each Sunday and announced the following Monday. If you’ve never tasted Godiva chocolates, you’re in for a treat and if you have,… Read more Want To Win A Box of Godiva Chocolates: Read This

When Self-Care is Not Enough; Ask for Help

It has taken many years to learn how to take care of me; always putting other’s first while I drained the energy out of myself. Learning self-care began while battling postpartum depression (PPD) and anxiety 21 years ago. PPD was out of my control, but I could seek help from others.  This was very difficult for someone who had never done it before. I gave my family and friends specific direction on how they could help me; i.e. I need an hour to myself, time to go for a walk,… Read more When Self-Care is Not Enough; Ask for Help

The Benefits of Self-Care

When we take good care of ourselves, there are multiple benefits to us as well as others.  While self-care may seem self-indulgent, it’s not.  Just as we’re instructed to put our oxygen mask on first if there’s an emergency on an airplane so we can help others, self-care enables us to help ourselves and others more. Self-Care Improves Our Health:  Self-care tends to improve our immunity, increase positive thinking and make us less susceptible to stress, depression, anxiety and other emotional health issues.  Taking time out to care for ourselves… Read more The Benefits of Self-Care

Independence From the Myths of Motherhood And Being A Parent

Since it’s Independence Day, we thought we’d stick with that theme. In our book, “Life Will Never Be the Same: The Real Mom’s Postpartum Survival Guide,” we talk about the myths and realities of being a mom/parent in the first chapter. We did this to help liberate moms/parents from our idealized expectations  of motherhood and replace them with a more accurate, balanced view. One mom told us, “When I thought of becoming a mother, I pictured myself singing to my baby and walking her in her stroller, happy all the time, thoroughly enjoying being… Read more Independence From the Myths of Motherhood And Being A Parent