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Category: Self-Care

Finding Freedom Wherever You Are

With celebrating Independence Day and returning from my women’s retreat, the question of “How do we become truly free?” has been on my mind. While many external circumstances seem to limit our freedom, I am increasingly struck by how much we “Imprison ourselves” through recurring thoughts, feelings and memories which is often called our conditioning. If Viktor Frankl could find meaning and choice in a Jewish concentration camp during the second World War, maybe we can too in spite of what may be happening in our lives. So today, here’s… Read more Finding Freedom Wherever You Are

Self-Compassion Always: An Important Skill to Learn

Sometimes I think self-compassion may be the most important aspect of mindfulness that I teach. When students first come to class, they often judge themselves and worry what others will think of their practice despite my reminding them that there is no “right” or “wrong” way to approach mindfulness. Over time, they learn to treat themselves with more kindness and caring like they would a friend. Instead of evaluating themselves negatively, they learn to appreciate themselves and their effort regardless of outcome. This is also true of many moms and… Read more Self-Compassion Always: An Important Skill to Learn

“Without Mud, The Lotus Blossom Doesn’t Grow”-Thanks Katherine Stone

Katherine Stone is a tireless warrior, crusading for women with perinatal mood and anxiety disorders(PMAD’s) to “like the lotus which can only blossom in the mud,” turn the “unfortunate circumstances” of their life into something beautiful. She has inspired tens of thousands of women to accept themselves and be “transformed not trapped” by the experience of PMAD’s. A survivor of Postpartum OCD herself, she knows what it is to suffer but more important what it is to survive and learn to thrive. In 2004, Katherine introduced her blog, Postpartum Progress… Read more “Without Mud, The Lotus Blossom Doesn’t Grow”-Thanks Katherine Stone

Two in One: Mindfulness is Good for You and Often Fun

Last week, I had the best time practicing “mindfulness”. Yes, I mean it. By learning to notice and savor the moment I was in, life became very juicy. Let me explain. Working from home, I got to start my day listening to Deepak Chopra and Oprah’s Meditation Experience on Grace and Gratitude. When I was done, I sat on the deck off my bedroom, having coffee and enjoying the breeze and lush greenery. I had time to reflect on many things which escape me when I’m too busy including my gratitude for all… Read more Two in One: Mindfulness is Good for You and Often Fun

What I Learned This Weekend

Today I had the privilege of gathering with 10 other women at the Midwest Mind Body Health Center for a class I taught on Mindful Stress Reduction. The class focusses on different practices which ease stress and improve mind, body & spirit health and well-being through mindfulness and meditation. Each time I teach, I learn so much and today was no exception. Although many of the women were going through multiple losses including the loss of loved ones, their light was bright and illuminating. Here are some of the insights… Read more What I Learned This Weekend

For Lillian As You Leave

Lillian Michalsky is an extra-ordinary person and someone I’ve been privileged to know if only for a short time. I met her over a month ago at a women’s retreat at Feathered Pipe Ranch. Although she was not teaching the class, her wisdom and insight made an impression as she sat in her lounge chair in our circle, living with pancreatic cancer. Her life is a legacy for the strength of human spirit which I know will continue in the hearts and souls of those she’s touched long after she… Read more For Lillian As You Leave

Mind, Body and Spirit Comfort to Ease Perinatal Loss

Losing someone you love is always challenging but losing a child through miscarriage, stillbirth or neonatal loss often feels unbearable. When a baby dies during pregnancy, delivery or early postpartum, there are multiple losses which include the loss of the hopes and dreams you had for this child, hopes and dreams for you as their parent, and postpartum hormonal and birth-related changes without a baby to hold in your arms to feel that it’s  still worthwhile. Here are some suggestions to help ease your mind, body and spirit. Remember, none of these tips… Read more Mind, Body and Spirit Comfort to Ease Perinatal Loss

Creating An Epic Life: “Careful the Tale You Tell”

When I was on retreat in June at Feathered Pipe Ranch with Dr. Jean Shinoda Bolen, we shared our stories of the different life passages we’d journeyed through and how these experiences shaped our growth and change. Since then, I’ve wanted to discuss how this relates to leading a mindful life but didn’t know what to say until now. The late Carl Sagan remarked in his series, Cosmos,“The nitrogen in our DNA, the calcium in our teeth, the iron in our blood, the carbon in our apple pies were made in the interiors of collapsing… Read more Creating An Epic Life: “Careful the Tale You Tell”