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Category: Self-Care

Register Now for Mindfulness in Everyday Life Workshop!

Spots are filling up quickly for Dr. Sanford’s Mindfulness in Everyday Life Workshop, so visit novel or call (314) 738-9384 to reserve your spot! Admission is $20 dollars and includes a copy of Dr. Sanford’s new book, Stress Less Live Better, a healthy snack and 90-minutes of mindfulness practice. Don’t miss out!

Three Steps to Teachable Holiday Moments + New podcast

The holidays often suck us into the gimmes, just like our kids, as we make the holidays happen. We easily lose track of the underlying message of the season for our kids. Consider these focused activities to reconnect with the holiday lessons: 1) CHOOSE actively, in line with your values. Stop and consider what you want to teach about the holiday season. You might want to say no if an event is too commercial, or detracts from planned family time. It’s fine to focus on fun–and opt out if an… Read more Three Steps to Teachable Holiday Moments + New podcast

How to Stress Less and Live Better During the Holidays

The holidays are here with fun-filled and stress-filled times sandwiched together, not unlike raising children, work, marriage and other life pursuits. So, here are some recommendations to make the holidays calmer and happier. First, have realistic expectations of yourself.  Many of us feel disappointed because our “fairytale images” don’t materialize. Instead, focus on feeling good from the inside out.  Build a fire and roast marshmallows, shop with a friend, or take a long walk in the woods.  Meditate, workout, read, or  listen to music.  Feed your soul. Second, have realistic… Read more How to Stress Less and Live Better During the Holidays

Give Thanks Every Day

At Thanksgiving dinner, one of our family traditions is to go around the table and say what we’ve been grateful for this year. Even when your Thanksgiving meal ends, I challenge you this week to keep giving thanks every day. Think about people you have met in your lifetime, the influence that each and every one of them has had on your life. Let someone know that you appreciate them. Call someone you’ve haven’t spoken to in a while and tell them what they mean to you. Thank someone for… Read more Give Thanks Every Day

Thank Goodness for Kindness and Grace

So, this week I’ve been challenging everyone to perform random acts of kindness daily. Little did I know when I started this challenge how many random acts of kindness would come my way. Although I wasn’t planning to post until next week, this story is so inspiring, I wanted to share it. Last night, my daughter Jessica flew in from Salt Lake City where she interviewed to become an anesthesia resident to St.Louis to interview tomorrow for an anesthesia residency position at Washington University. Her flight was on time but… Read more Thank Goodness for Kindness and Grace

Perform Random Acts of Kindness This Week

Since Thanksgiving is next Thursday, this week I challenge you to perform random acts of kindness daily. Let family and friends know your gratitude for them. Smile at the grocery clerk or say “Hi” to a neighbor. These small gestures can turn your day and someone else’s around because they improve mood and diminish stress. Did you know that when you are kind or someone is thoughtful towards you, it improves your and the receiver’s health and also has a positive influence on those observing. Random acts of kindness include… Read more Perform Random Acts of Kindness This Week