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Dr. Diane Sanford is a psychologist, author and educator whose work in health psychology has received local and national attention. In practice for 30 years, she is an internationally recognized expert in perinatal mood and anxiety disorders. She is co-author of Life Will Never Be the Same (2010), Midlife and Menopause: A Celebration of Women’s Health (1998) and Postpartum Survival Guide (1994).

For the past ten years, she has studied mindfulness-based skills to reduce stress, anxiety and depression, and promote health and well-being. In 2012, she opened the Midwest Mind Body Health Center where she provides counseling and classes in her mindfulness skill program “Stress Less. Live More.” Her newest book, “Stress Less. Live More: Mindfulness if 5 Simple Steps which describes her stress reduction program will be available this summer.

Dr. Sanford obtained her Masters and PhD degrees in clinical psychology from Syracuse University. She completed her internship in 1984 at the Oklahoma Health Sciences Center. She is an adjunct faculty member of St. Louis University’s School of Public Health, Department of Community Relations, and on the Medical Advisory Board of BabyCenter.com.

mbhccombinedMidwest Mind Body Health Center offers classes to women that focus on mindfulness, meditation and being in the present moment. Mind/body techniques are a basic building block of Self-Care and Self-Compassion.

The Center provides counseling and mind-body health classes to reduce anxiety, depression, OCD, PTSD, and stress-related disorders. With a specialized focus in women’s health, they provide care for: pregnancy and postpartum depression and anxiety, fertility issues, pregnancy loss, early motherhood, midlife, empty nest and menopause.

Their approach looks at all the factors affecting life including stress, lifecycle changes, relationships, self-esteem, and work/life balance to determine the best plan of care. Treatment combines counseling with mind-body health classes because studies have shown that mind-body skills decrease anxiety, depression, OCD and PTSD symptoms as well as the stress associated with fertility issues, postpartum depression, midlife changes, menopausal symptoms, and sexual dysfunction. Mind-body skills may also reduce the need for medication.