Make Time to Heal

“As I checked into the hospital in labor with my daughter this past March, a preemie who had just been born rolled past me.  His tiny body was hooked up to dozens of wires and he was closely followed by a team of concerned doctors.  A flood of overwhelming emotion poured over me and I felt like I was having a panic attack.  The panic stayed with me and I didn’t know why.

The morning we were going home with our new baby, I finally realized what triggered the panic.  Three years earlier in that same hospital I gave birth to my son Brendan under emergency circumstances.  Born 2 months premature, he had a rocky 6 week stay in the NICU and we came close to losing him.  Since then, I had been so completely involved in doctor’s appointments, therapy sessions and advocating for him in every possible way, I had completely forgotten myself.  With the exception of the day we almost lost him, I hadn’t shed a tear, had a conversation or done anything to recover emotionally.  Between giving birth and seeing the preemie wheeled to the NICU, my body couldn’t hold it in anymore.

I spent the next few hours speaking to different doctors, including the neonatologist who saved Brendan’s life.  I sobbed, laughed and just let it all out.  The cloud of panic lifted and I felt ready to bring my beautiful baby girl home.  From that moment, I understood the importance of self-care.  I returned to the gym, reconnected with my husband and built a support group of moms with similar experiences.  As mothers, we are the greatest caregivers in the world, yet we often don’t take care of ourselves until life forces us to.

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