Dads Matter Too!

We pay a lot of attention and respect to moms, why can’t we do the same for dads? Father’s Day is a great way to start.

Father’s Day isn’t just another “Hallmark Holiday.” It’s a time to honor the other
half of the parenting equation. While there are exceptions to that equation – mainly single moms, families with two moms or no parent left at all – dads can and really do play a key role in their children’s lives.

Dads shouldn’t be passed over or forgotten. Unfortunately over the last 10
years, moms have been the primary focus. I think this causes an imbalance in
the parenting “force.” Fathers not only add balance to a child’s life, but they help
prepare them for adulthood, push and challenge their envelopes and yes, even offer a man’s point of view. It all adds up to dads fostering positive development in their kids. There doesn’t seem to be anything wrong with that.

I don’t claim that all dads are perfect or are as responsible as they should or could be. We have to accept that we don’t live in a perfect world – a world where all parents, moms and dads alike — are amazing or the relationships are spotless.
All relationships take hard work, especially parenting. However, it’s important to
remember that dads are an integral part in raising children, too.

I’d like to add that there are all kinds of families out there. There is no right or
wrong way to be a family. It doesn’t matter if there are two moms, two dads, one
mom, one dad, no mom or dad, or even the grandparents raising the children.
Family, the entity itself is what matters. Family is as family does.

This Father’s Day, take the time to honor those who raised you and if you’re a dad yourself, kudos to you for a job well done!

Today’s author is Mollee Bauer, founder of, the premiere online site for info about health and wellness during pre-conception, pregnancy and motherhood. Please visit her at