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Tag: expressing gratitude

Smell the Roses: They’re Always There

Many times I figure out what my New Year’s resolution is after the new year starts. That’s what happened this past week.  I woke up Wednesday night thinking, “Stop struggling.  Enjoy the good life you have.”  Don’t get carried away and think my life is perfect.  It isn’t.  Although Ann and I teach  self-care, we are equally challenged to make it part of our daily lives. The New Year is about how to improve life and ourselves rather than savor what’s already working.  In fact, last week I talked about taking small steps to… Read more Smell the Roses: They’re Always There

A holiday challenge

“It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas / Ev’rywhere you go…”  A beautiful reminder for those who love and celebrate this holiday to see all the decorations:  houses lit up on cold winter nights, bell ringers outside stores with “SALE” signs in windows, even Santa sledding on an electric razor on television. For those of us who are not Christians, however, it’s a constant reminder of our differentness.  The saturation of our culture in the Christmas holiday makes this a difficult time of year.  How do those of us… Read more A holiday challenge

Press Release: Our Thanksgiving Gift to You

Thanksgiving is a wonderful time to express gratitude for what you are thankful for. While this tradition often gets buried beneath mounds of stuffing and mashed potatoes, Ann and I believe it’s an important practice to remember. So, we want to thank all of you for LIVING Self-Care with us and sharing your comments and lives. As our Thanksgiving gift to you, here’s a holiday song to enjoy with your pumpkin pie. Please share it with all the moms you know to express your gratitude for them. And for other… Read more Press Release: Our Thanksgiving Gift to You

Gratitude to You

I know that gratitude was yesterday’s tip, but I feel it’s the one I need to practice today.  I am thankful to each of you for pursuing this journey with us, and hopefully continuing on.  Ann and I have gained from your comments and participation, and perhaps without knowing it, you have deepened our commitment to LIVING Self-Care for ourselves and our loved ones. It’s been humbling to see that although we KNOW how important it is to practice daily, we stumbled and regained our footing several times.  And honestly, that’s how life… Read more Gratitude to You