When the Fast-Forward Button Strikes

Women lead very full lives these days. Whether you’re a stay at home parent, have a career, or even your own business, we stay busy. Sometimes, we let ourselves get too busy. It’s like someone has hit a fast forward button and suddenly we are sprinting instead of meandering along life’s highway.

This past week has been a fast forward week for me. In addition to preparing for this week’s Living Self-Care Challenge, I had the amazing opportunity to attend a recent national political event. I dove in, but this meant preparing for the event, driving 5 hours on Saturday, attending the event, sleeping for 4 hours Sunday morning, then driving home on Sunday. By the time I arrived home, all I wanted to do was sleep. But I couldn’t because there were thingsĀ  to wrap up for this challenge.

Now that we’ve launched and it’s the day after #PPDChat, I plan on taking it a little easier. Sure, there are still things to do, but I’m slowing down the pace. Yesterday I hosted #PPDChat at 1:00pm ET from the back deck. Working, but in a beautiful balmy location as fall leaves fluttered to the ground.

Self-care does not have to be a huge pause. It doesn’t have to be a big chunk out of your day. It can be your favourite coffee, drink, flower, setting, music, store, or lunch with a favourite person. Self-care relieves stress, allows you to breathe, infuses your life with personality and a remembrance of self. Take the time today to do just ONE thing for you, regardless of your busy schedule. Then brag about it here. We can’t wait to hear how you care for yourself today!

Lauren Hale is founder of #PPDChat and leader of the PPDArmy on Twitter. She also blogs at: http://www.mypostpartumvoice.com. Lauren is a two time survivor of Postpartum OCD and a one time survivor of Ante-natal depression. She’s learned how to hit the pause button and does so often.

The breath of life

Today’s post is by Lauren Hale.

As you read this I want you to focus on the absolute most basic function of life. You are doing it right now.


Notice how your chest rises and falls, your stomach moves up and down, the air in and out of your nose and mouth. If it is cold, you may even be able to see your breath today. When we take time to be aware of our actions, even the most basic, we tune with what is going on within ourselves and around us as well.

When we are panicked, our breathing is shallow and quick. When calm, it is slow, deep, and rhythmic. Breathing is one of the quickest ways we can change our moods. When my day gets to me, I go to a quiet place and just breathe in and out. This resets my mindset and heads me in a different direction.

Real woman Lauren of My Postpartum Voice

At My Postpartum Voice, I started blogging in order to re-frame an unexpected pregnancy after two episodes of Postpartum OCD. Through my journey, I learned a lot, including how to take a time out for myself. As mothers, we do not have to sacrifice ourselves for our children. We matter too. Motherhood is something we add to our sense of self, not something which must overcome our sense of self. We must take care of ourselves so that we can then take care of our families.

Start today with a deep, relaxing breath. I am.