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Smell the Roses: They’re Always There

Many times I figure out what my New Year’s resolution is after the new year starts. That’s what happened this past week.  I woke up Wednesday night thinking, “Stop struggling.  Enjoy the good life you have.”  Don’t get carried away and think my life is perfect.  It isn’t.  Although Ann and I teach  self-care, we are equally challenged to make it part of our daily lives. The New Year is about how to improve life and ourselves rather than savor what’s already working.  In fact, last week I talked about taking small steps to… Read more Smell the Roses: They’re Always There

How to Make the Most of Your New Year’s Resolutions

Everyone starts the New Year’s with the best intentions.  Determined to make changes to improve their lives in significant ways.  And what happens?  Most of us fail miserably.  Instead of aiming for the moon, we need to undertake small, attainable goals.  Like practicing self-care 15 minutes a day (which many have remarked is difficult enough). Breaking the change into smaller steps can  make it easier to achieve.  For example, if someone wants to lose 50 pounds this year, start with losing 1-2 pounds each week.  To do this, a person has to reduce their daily calorie intake… Read more How to Make the Most of Your New Year’s Resolutions

Finding Your Happy Place

 You just wrapped up your holiday festivities and this years’ “fun” has left you more stressed than ever.  It’s time to find your happy place. Your happy place is the place you go when you need to rejuvenate.  It can be your bath tub or your favorite chair where you can escape with a good book.  And if your happy place is a beach in Aruba where you know you can’t literally go, escape there in your mind.  The point is you need to get to that happy place and… Read more Finding Your Happy Place

After Christmas Prescription: Rest and Restore

I was visiting with my cousin at my mother’s annual holiday party when he commented to me he was glad to have “endured” Christmas.  I told him that once his children were older, like mine who are now 22 and 18, he would enjoy the holiday more.  I recalled how I felt after decorating, shopping, wrapping, and celebrating with the girls in tow, and how my joy was tempered by exhaustion. Our self-care tip this post-holiday week is to rest and recharge your battery.  Don’t put pressure on yourself for playdates, taking the children out… Read more After Christmas Prescription: Rest and Restore

Holiday Inspiration from St.Louis Kids Magazine

“Set realistic expectations.” So easy to say, so hard to do! Especially at the holidays, when our day-to-day lifestyle is condensed to its essence by the stresses and time constraints of this busy season. If we tend to bite off more than we can chew throughout the rest of the year, we may set our sights on a “perfect” holiday with 12 dozen different home-baked cookies, the best light display on the block, perfect gifts for the kids, and a holiday party that outshines them all. It makes me tired… Read more Holiday Inspiration from St.Louis Kids Magazine

Back to Basics for Holiday Health

With 19 days until Christmas, holiday stress is peaking. So this week, we’re focusing on self-care basics to preserve health, happiness, and your remaining sanity. First, nourish yourself physically. Make time to eat-your body can’t run without fuel. Exercise 2-3 times weekly by going to the gym, walking your dog, or shopping. Recharge your emotional engine by making time to do things you enjoy-savor a cup of coffee, take a bubble bath, or visit a friend. Feed your spirit with a nature walk, positive affirmations, listening or reading someone inspirational… Read more Back to Basics for Holiday Health

The Shape of LIVING Self-Care to Come

Though the initial 21 day self-care challenge has wrapped up, LIVING self-care is regrouping to inspire you to carry on. Here’s the blueprint: Each Monday, we’ll review a daily tip and discuss ways for you to apply it through the week, day by day. Each Wednesday, we’ll inspire you with words from a  “Challenge Champion,” acquainting you with some of the resources who offer incredible support and information for real women like you. Each Friday, we’ll strive to make you laugh, reinforcing humor as a cornerstone of wellness. Each weekend,… Read more The Shape of LIVING Self-Care to Come