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Tag: May self-care challenge

May 2012 Self-Care Challenge Champions!

Since many of us (Stacey and I included) won’t be celebrating the 4th with fireworks because our dry, hot weather has turned the country into a fire hazard, we wanted to find an alternate way to celebrate. So, we decided to announce the winners of our May Self-Care Challenge! No, we didn’t forget! But as many moms know, May and June are jam-packed and sometimes life gets in the way of our best intentions. Now that the madness has slowed down, we are excited to announce our winners although any… Read more May 2012 Self-Care Challenge Champions!

Self-Care Starts with You-Let the Challenge Begin!

As we like to say at, “Self-Care is like chocolate. You can never have enough.” During this week’s self-care challenge we’ll bring you daily tips and inspiration with a chance to win prizes that pamper. Click here to learn more. The tip I’ve chosen to talk about from our Top Ten Tips Plus Two is #6-“Accept yourself and others wholly.” To love one’s self unconditionally, both strengths and limitations, may be one of the biggest challenges most of us face. Without self-acceptance, it’s impossible to feel secure, peaceful and… Read more Self-Care Starts with You-Let the Challenge Begin!

Living Self-Care: Let’s Succeed Together

Back in January after our first self-care challenge/contest, Mollee Bauer of called for a self-care revolution. While we agree wholeheartedly, it’s become clear (again) that as women this is a hard change to make.  Likewise, it’s not something that can be achieved in a week or two or done without serious effort and commitment. In our quick-fix culture, it seems that we’d often rather be entertained or distracted than dealing with our emotional health. At Living Self-Care, we want to have fun but we also want to provide  meaningful content which will help… Read more Living Self-Care: Let’s Succeed Together