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Tag: mind-body health

Don’t Labor-Enjoy the Day!

Today is the perfect day to celebrate all the hard work you do by taking time off. Whether we are caring for our children, partners, parents, friends, or pets, most women labor all the time, both in and outside of home. So just today, climb back in bed, have a cup of coffee, watch the TV show you want, go to the mall, have your nails done, read a good book, or do whatever suits you. You can go back to work tomorrow. For now, enjoy! For more ideas about what… Read more Don’t Labor-Enjoy the Day!

The Law of Giving and Receiving

I just got back from a wonderful week of meditation and yoga with Deepak Chopra and the amazing Chopra Center teachers. In it, they talked about how each day corresponds to one of “7 Spiritual Laws of Success,” and ways to practice each law on a given day. So, here’s my first gift for you-ideas from Deepak Chopra about how to put Monday’s law, the “Law of Giving” into practice. 1. Bring everyone you come in contact with today a gift. For example, a smile, compliment or hug. Be creative.… Read more The Law of Giving and Receiving

May is Self-Care Month-We Need You!

Stacey and I are declaring May Self-Care Month, but we need your help choosing the self-care tips we’ll discuss. Last May, we offered our Top 10 Tips Plus Two. Here they are: How to Live Self-Care 1.      Make your health and well-being a priority 2.      Nourish your body with food, sleep, activity and rest. 3.      Manage stress wisely. 4.      Be a positive thinker. 5.      Don’t make assumptions. 6.      Accept yourself and others wholly. 7.      Trust your inner guidance. 8.      Nourish relationships with family and friends. 9.      Respect yourself and others.… Read more May is Self-Care Month-We Need You!

What’s Missing?

You’re making an effort to take better care of yourself. Say you’re having a good week: you’ve exercised, eaten nutritious meals, and maybe even had a spa day. Great job! Is something still…missing? We forget that we are by nature, spiritual beings. We are a spirit (that essence of life and divinity that makes us who we are) in a body (flesh & bones) possessing a soul (mind, will, emotions). However, we often forget this . So how do we activate and nurture our spirituality? Motherhood is one tough job – no doubt about… Read more What’s Missing?